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Gluten Free Weekly Meals (What I Ate Last Week) #4

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It’s Tuesday, and this post is a day late! I had the best of intentions to get it done yesterday. I uploaded my photos and started the post, then I got distracted by the “laundry monster” and totally forgot to come back to the computer! Opps! So, a day late, here’s a run down of what I ate last week.


After making lemon poppy seed pancakes last weekend, I was craving the flavor again so I made lemon poppy seed oatmeal! I used this recipe from the Oatmeal Artist. It was a little tart a first (no sugar, just sweetened with banana!) but after the first few mouthfuls I was used to the flavor and loving it.


I had a smoothie for lunch. It was a busy day!

For dinner I made this Kale, Artichoke and Ricotta Pie. I’d made it once before, and it was SO good. This time I also made Avgolemono soup to go with the pie, just so that there would be some leftovers for lunch the next day! While this recipe bakes for nearly an hour, it feels quick and easy. There are only a few ingredients, and most of the cook time is just time in the oven. The soup is also simple and easy, 5 ingredients, and most of the cook time is letting the soup simmer.



Breakfast was out favorite Baked Cookie Oatmeal. I have a whole post about how much we love this oatmeal!


I was craving Buffalo chicken something, and needed a portable meal, so I came up with some buffalo chicken quesadillas. I mixed some shredded chicken with buffalo sauce, added some black beans, kale, a bit of cheese. I spread a bit of the mixture on a corn tortilla, and cooked the quesadillas in a skillet until crispy. These were yummy and SO FILLING!



I tried a new breakfast! These Baked Eggs with a Hashbrown Crust. Go figure, I modified the recipe, but only a little bit. It was really good! The recipe was slow for a weekday morning, but I’ll probably make it in the future, just on a weekend!


For dinner I made these chipotle chicken kabobs with avocado sauce and corn on the cob. I’ve made a few chiptole grilled chicken recipes, and this one wasn’t the best or the worst, but the avocado sauce was awesome! The combination of the spicy chicken and the cool avocado sauce was perfect! Of course, all grilled meals are made better with corn on the cob! And I ate it all before I took a picture!


I started the day on Thursday with banana pancakes. For Steve, I made these Grain Free Banana Pancakes. I love those pancakes, yes, but I’m watching my caloric intake lately, and the peanut butter made them a little higher in calories that I could afford for the day. For me, breakfast was also banana pancakes, but two ingredient banana pancakes. If you read food blogs you’ve probably seen something like 7 billion recipes for these – it’s just a banana and two eggs. Not the best pancake texture, but the taste is good and it’s a healthy, clean eating breakfast!


For lunch I made something other than leftovers! Yay! I had some leftover shredded sweet potatoes from the baked eggs and hashbrowns on Wednesday so I made sweet potato mac and cheese! It was so good, everyone, so good! I mean, just look at that creamy cheese sauce! I actually made the sauce with a bit of GF flour, almond milk, and a handful of cheese, so it’s healthier than you may think!


Dinner was something we call “dolphin”. We went through a phase of nicknaming  foods with animal names. The real name is Roz bi Farakh, from Mideats. After lots (and lots and lots) of times making this recipe I’ve decided it is best served with kale. This is a tasty, naturally GF recipe. Even if you don’t make it, you may enjoy reading through the post, which talks through the emotions of starting a gluten free diet.


Friday & The Weekend

I had a crazy weekend. I took a last minute trip to visit my mother in law. We had a lot of fun (I finally saw Frozen!) and ate some good, GF food. Of course, since I was flying I packed food! It was a good thing, because my 4 hour trip turned into a 12 hour trip. Boy, I was glad I’d packed a lunch! Once I arrived we had tuna melts for dinner. My mother in law keeps a few gluten free ingredients around for whenever I’m visiting. She usually has bread in the freezer, Chex cereal, and some rice flour. I enjoyed mixing cinnamon and chocolate flavored chex for my breakfasts. We had lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant one day, had salmon for dinner, and a whole bunch of these mints.


The mints in the refrigerator just before coating in chocolate. I made the regular mint, almond mint, mocha mint, coconut mint, and orange mint flavors.

When I was working on my eBook, my mother in law was one of my proofreaders. She’s always trying to learn about what foods I can eat and how she can cook safely for me, but reading the into to the eBook (about safely preparing GF foods) really helped her understand everything! Whether it’s my eBook or another, if you struggle with getting family members on board with your GF diet trying giving them some literature to read about celiac disease. It may help!

I flew back into an airport a few hours away so we ate dinner before driving home, and went to a crepe restaurant for treat. Everything was gluten free, as long as you ordered it with a gluten free crepe! I had a crepe wrap with spinach and chicken for dinner, and an almond joy crepe for dessert. What a yummy ending to the week!

So that was my food this past week! Check back next week for another run down of gluten free meals. If you need some gluten free cooking inspiration during the week follow me on Twitter (@ tastefullygf) and on Instagram (tastefullygf). I also have a pinterest board with all the recipes from my Gluten Free Weekly Meals posts, so follow me on pinterest, too.


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I have always loved to cook, and have been eating and cooking gluten free since 2007. I aim to make delicious, frugal and healthy meals that will be appealing to GF and non-GF eaters alike!

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