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2014 Gardening Report #2

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It’s been just about two months since I started my garden this year. There’s been some successes, failures, and surprises.

The biggest shock of this gardening seasoning has been the heat. We thought we had through May before the temperature was consistently above 90° F but it came much sooner. My cilantro already bolted. Luckily, I planted broccoli in a shady area so it hasn’t been squelched by the sun yet.

Even though I just have the start of a single zucchini, I’m already considering my zucchini plants a huge success.


I’ve never grown zucchini before, but it seems like it is easy to grow! I have a few plants, two in self watering buckets and a couple in a traditional garden, and they seem to grow big easily!


Another success has been the sugar snap peas. These plants grow straight up and need something to climb on and wrap their tendrils around. This year we have some tomato cages that are working much better than the homemade version we came up with last year. All of the pea plants are tall, and most are already producing peas!


A few of the seedlings have been slow to grow. I’m not experienced enough with gardening to know exactly why. Maybe it’s because I’ve been using seeds from packets I bought a few years ago? Maybe because I had a few weekend trips and missed some days of watering? Maybe the heat? I suppose there are lots of factors! Whatever the reason, the plants that got off to a slow start are growing now. I’m excited about these mini bell pepper plants!


I’m also excited about my Genovese Basil plant. Hardly any food isn’t made better with some fresh basil!


My tomatillo plants have also been slow growing, though I remember they were that way last year, too. I know these plants thrive in hotter temperatures, so I’m sure as summer comes they will be happy with the heat.


Another garden surprise has been the green bean plants. The seedlings came up quickly and strong, like I’m used to with green beans, but the plants have stayed SO small (Last year my plants were monsterous, overflowing the self watering bucket containers). There are even really tiny green beans on the really tiny plants. I love green beans, so I’m hoping that these plants will get bigger and give me lots more than a few miniature beans in the next few months!


My bottom-of-a-trash can bucket is growing kale and spinach which I’m excited to start harvesting when it gets just a bit bigger! Also in this photo are some tomato seedlings Steve planted in some old muffin tins! Almost anything can become a pot for a plant!


The parsley and oregano left in my garden from last year are just getting bigger and bigger.


These are just some of the plants I have growing. The broccoli and cauliflower are growing well and the cucumber plants all have little yellow flowers on them. Spring and summer are such exciting times for gardeners!

Are you a gardner? What’s growing in your garden this year?




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