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Gluten Free Weekly Meals (What I Ate Last Week) #6

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Welcome to this week’s post of Gluten Free Weekly Meals! Every week, I take photos of the gluten free recipes I make from all over the web and then share my thoughts. Throughout the week you can find pictures of what I’ve been eating on my Instagram (tastefullygf) and Twitter (@tastefullygf). Each Monday I post a list of all my gluten free meals from the last week. You’ll see my photos of the food, a link to the recipe, and any modifications I made. To see previous “Gluten Free Weekly Meals” posts, just use the search bar on the right side of the page. You can also find these recipes on my Pinterest boards. I hope these posts provide you with some gluten free cooking inspiration!



Monday mornings are not always fun, which is why I like to start the week with Baked Cookie Oatmeal. No picture today, but you can head over to my post with pictures and the recipe. This is a healthy oatmeal breakfast that tastes like a chocolate chip cookie!

Dinner was Butternut Squash Noodles with Kale, Chicken and a Brown Butter Sauce. It’s hard to give an accurate report of this dinner, because I definitely overcooked the butternut squash noodles. I didn’t turn the oven timer on, and go figure, I left the noodles in too long. It was only a few minutes extra, but they were a little too mushy. All the flavors in the meal worked well, though. The original recipe from Snixy Kitchen does not call for chicken, but I added it for protein. Somehow, in the commotion of overcooking the squash I forgot a picture.

I was running quite low on breakfast ingredients, so I came up with grits and sausage for breakfast. A couple months ago I had a great bowls of grits at a restaurant and have honestly been craving some ever since then. I just followed the grits directions on my package of cornmeal, but left out the butter. For a more filling breakfast, I heated up some andouille sasauge (I use all Al Fresco natural, fully cooked chicken sausage). The breakfast was good, but not great. I had to add a good amount of cheese to the grits for flavor, and it just wasn’t as enjoyable as other breakfasts, knowing I was eating all those calories and fat.


On Tuesday I really had a craving for split pea soup (despite it being nearly 100° F), so I made a batch to serve as my lunches for the week. I used this recipe, from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. I cut down on the butter a bit, by using just plain curry powder as the topping. It was still delicious!


Dinner was Sesame Chicken and Green Beans from How Sweet It Is. I’ve made this meal multiple times, and it always turns out well. It’s simple, tasty without being overly strong, and easily adaptable for a gluten free diet. Just replace the flour with an all purpose GF flour blend. I’ve used Bob’s Red Mill GF All Purpose Flour with no problems here. Serve this with some rice and you have a nutritious 30 minute meal!

After dinner we made some cookies. These amazing no bake cookies from Half Baked Harvest are super, super, super good. Very easy to make GF – just use GF pretzels and graham crackers!


On Wednesday I made Banana Sweetened Oatmeal for breakfast. Steve had his usual toppings, peanut butter and chocolate chips. I did something a little more creative. On Tuesday night, I put two chai tea bags in 1 cup of almond milk and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning I cooked my oatmeal in the chai-infused milk, then topped it with almond butter. Not my favorite oatmeal, but a fun variation! I really think this would be a great tasting oatmeal with a good chai tea – unfortunately, the kind I had is not so awesome. I was just trying to use up the tea bags!


Lunch was my split pea soup. Still too hot for soup, still delicious!

Dinner was a bit experimental. I wanted to do something with nachos and sweet potatoes. I added some seasoning to sweet potato noodles and black beans, threw them in a skillet with some onions, cheese, avocado, and green onions, and broiled until the cheese melted. It looked yummy, and the flavor was good, but the texture was a little off. I think I used too much sweet potato, proportionally. I’m still convinced this sweet potato/nacho combination will be good, it just needs a little more work before I post the recipe.


For breakfast I made Sweet Potato Hash from the Kitchn. Another favorite recipe of ours, I can’t recommend this highly enough. It’s easily gluten free and has plenty of substance to keep you full all morning. It’s easily customizable, too – choose a sausage flavor/heat level that you like!


Lunch was more split pea soup.

Dinner was sushi! I threw it together kind of quickly and packed it in some to go containers. We ate in the church lobby eating our sushi, and a whole bunch of people came up and jealously looked at the sushi we were eating. Steve was glad to point out it was homemade. This one older woman started telling me that I needed a rice cooker and I was like “yeah, seriously, I know”.



Steve left for work early on Friday. I got up a little later than he did, and treated myself to whatever I wanted for breakfast! That particular day it was pancakes with peanut butter. I used made the two ingredients pancakes (1 banana, 2 eggs), plus some seasoning for flavor, and added a tablespoon of natural, crunchy peanut butter (that I had gotten on clearance)! So good. Perfect breakfast. It was healthy, and just the right amount of sweetness for the morning. Recipe coming soon!


Lunch was, you guessed it, more split pea soup!

For dinner I made some fish with a rice & carrot stir fry. The tilapia was simple – I just seasoned with “Sunny Paris” seasoning from Penzeys (my new favorite store) and baked it. The rice & carrot stir fry is a favorite of ours. Its lightly flavored, and is a great grain + veggie side. Recipe will be up Wednesday 🙂


Breakfast was Hazelnut Crepes. This was one of the first recipe I posted on this blog, and I was so happy to be able to easily find it. No more searching through my giant recipe binder. We sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on the crepes (just a tiny bit). After making and eating all of the crepes I remembered why I usually make a double batch. If you want to try making these crepes, the recipe is on the blog, as well as this crepe making step by step guide.


Breakfast was late, so lunch was basically snack. Pretzels and hummus. That has been my downfall lately. It’s just such a good combination and I can eat wayyy too much.

For dinner I grilled some chicken + beef on skewers. I made zucchini noodles, and this Thai peanut sauce from Kalyn’s Kitchen to go with it. I was worried that my pairing of the sauce + zucchini wouldn’t be good, but it was! By the way, I love all of the recipes (that I have tried) on Kalyn’s Kitchen. I have several I go back to over and over again (like the Sichuan Green Beans, and the Egg Crust Breakfast Pizza, which I sometimes make for lunch). Many, many of her recipes are gluten free! Plus, they are healthy!



I was up early on Sunday, so I pre-made a batch of Baked Cookie Oatmeal for my breakfast. I made a serving for Steve, too, and he told me after breakfast that he could eat this oatmeal 3 times a week, the Sweet Potato Hash (from Thursday) 3 times a week, and cereal the last day. Those recipes are all good, but I would get bored quickly, I think!

I made a tuna melt for lunch and it ended kind of badly. Half burned, and about half of the tuna fell out. It reminded me why Steve is the tuna melt maker in the house!

Dinner was an Tandori marinated chicken (used more Penzey’s seasoning for the marinade), with homemade naan bread and green beans. Sure, chicken and green beans are good, but anytime I make this naan bread it always steals the show. It takes a bit of time, but it’s always worth it in the end. Fresh, soft, gluten free bread!

That’s the end of the week! See you next week for another gluten free meal post!

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I have always loved to cook, and have been eating and cooking gluten free since 2007. I aim to make delicious, frugal and healthy meals that will be appealing to GF and non-GF eaters alike!

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