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Gluten Free Weekly Meals (What I Ate Last Week) #11

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Welcome to this week’s post of Gluten Free Weekly Meals! Every week, I take photos of the gluten free recipes I make from all over the web and then share my thoughts. Throughout the week you can find pictures of what I’ve been eating on my Instagram (tastefullygf) and Twitter (@tastefullygf). Each Monday I post a list of all my gluten free meals from the last week. You’ll see my photos of the food, a link to the recipe, and any modifications I made. To see previous “Gluten Free Weekly Meals” posts, just use the search bar on the right side of the page. You can also find these recipes on my Pinterest boards. I hope these posts provide you with some gluten free cooking inspiration!


I’m starting off the week on a bad note. I have no written or photographic record of what I ate for breakfast on Monday. Opps! I do know that my lunch was leftovers from the day before – some sweet potato noodles with grilled corn and onions.

Dinner was an old recipe and a new recipe. The Ginger and Cilantro Baked Tilapia is a tried and true recipe. Healthy, tasty, and easy to make. I’ve come back to it again and again when I’ve been in the mood for fish. I paired it with a new recipe. This Quinoa Salad with Edamame, Cucumber and Avocado. It was good – good enough that it’s on my meal plan for this week, too! I used red quinoa, instead of black, and will probably try it with regular quinoa, too.


Breakfast was my Sweet Potato & Egg Skillet. Recipe now up on the blog! A few people had asked me about the recipe, so don’t forget to check it out.


Lunch was some leftovers from Monday’s dinner. I enjoyed the quinoa salad just as much as the night before!

For dinner I made my Mexican Stroganoff with Brazilian Cheese Bread. Usually I would serve this with rice, but I was out! Yup, a celiac who ran out of rice. I ate mine with the Shiratake Miracle Noodles, but it honestly wasn’t a great pairing. The rice is better. I made pasta for Steve, and the friend he had over for dinner.


For breakfast I made Banana Sweetened Oatmeal.  Mine was simple – I just topped it with some natural, crunchy peanut butter. It “hit the spot” (as my grandmother always said). Tasty and filling! Plus, healthy!


Lunch was more leftover, big surprise there.

For dinner I made some Chicken Kebabs, marinated in a tomato sauce, and served it with the leftover quinoa salad. By then the avocado was softened quite a bit, so it needed to be eaten. The food was all good, but I ate really quickly before running out the door, so I didn’t exactly have time to savor it.


My new favorite breakfast, an crispy corn tortilla, with mashed avocado and an egg. It’s super easy to make, and hardly requires a recipe. You should try it 🙂


I had a mocha smoothie for lunch. It tasted pretty much amazing, but was a bit too liquidy. I only used 1 banana, so maybe I should have used the 2 recommended in the recipe.

I’d kinda spent the day on Thursday agonizing about what to make for dinner. Isn’t that why I meal plan? Yes, but I’d totally messed up my meal orders for the week and didn’t have meat defrosted. Eventually my creativity got to work and I came up with a plan. I used some leftover tomato sauce that was in the refrigerator to make a pasta sauce. Steve had regular pasta and I made zucchini noodles for me. Additionally, we had these Everything Bagel Quinoa Patties. We had some leftover cream cheese/feta/mozzarella spread Steve made that was a great topping. It turned out to be a totally delicious meal! Creativity for the win!


Breakfast was Baked Cookie Oatmeal. I baked it in the toaster oven to save energy. It actually crisped the top more than with oven baking. Still delicious, and a bit of a more authentic cookie texture!


Dinner was Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Sqaush. I intended to take pictures for the blog, but by the time we ate dinner it was nearly 8:30pm and the light just wasn’t good enough for photos. The sad part, I won’t get to post the recipe as soon. The good part, I get to eat it again soon!


I made these Paleo Pancakes for breakfast. My picture of them is quite-un Paleo, because we spread a little nutella on top! I think these pancakes are delicious plain, though, really. And you can’t go wrong with a three ingredient pancake recipe, either!


Lunch was leftover Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash.

We went to a BBQ for dinner, with tons of gluten free food! I had a bacon guacamole burger, with some spinach salad and a few other sides. The girl hosting the party is a nutritionist AND gluten free, herself, so she knew exactly how to prepare a celiac-safe meal. It was fun and delicious!

I made Grain Free Banana Pancakes, at Steve’s request. I hadn’t eaten these myself in a while (since I’ve been trying to eat less sugar and less calories), but they were such a pleasant treat. I’d almost forgotten how good they are!


For lunch I made these Italian Chicken Sandwiches. I made some last weekend to bring on a day trip, and had some leftover sauce. I follow the recipe exactly, and just use Udi’s Gluten Free Bread.

For dinner I made these Buffalo Turkey Flatbreads. I made a number of modifications, including cutting the cream cheese, using homemade ranch dressing, adding carrots, and swapping corn tortillas for the flour tortillas. There was a bit of a learning curve for me, grilling the tortillas, but the flavor didn’t suffer much. We just knocked off any overly burnt pieces of tortilla and kept eating. Delicious!


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I have always loved to cook, and have been eating and cooking gluten free since 2007. I aim to make delicious, frugal and healthy meals that will be appealing to GF and non-GF eaters alike!

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