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What I Ate Last Week #15

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Welcome to this week’s post of Gluten Free Weekly Meals! Every week, I take photos of the gluten free recipes I make from all over the web and then share my thoughts. Throughout the week you can find pictures of what I’ve been eating on my Instagram (tastefullygf) and Twitter (@tastefullygf). Each Monday I post a list of my favorite gluten free meals from the last week. You’ll see my photos of the food, a link to the recipe, and any modifications I made. To see previous “Gluten Free Weekly Meals” posts, just use the search bar on the right side of the page. You can also find these recipes on my Pinterest boards. I hope these posts provide you with some gluten free cooking inspiration!

This is my first WIALW (What I Ate Last Week) post in my new format. Instead of listing all of my breakfast, dinners, and sometimes lunches, I’ve just picked out the highlights for you. To read about why I made this change check out this post.

Let’s start with some breakfasts from this week!

First up is this Almond Joy Oatmeal. I take basic chocolate oatmeal (see recipe here) and stir in some almond extract at the very end of the cooking time. I’m a huge fan of the almond/chocolate combo! This oatmeal isn’t photogenic, but it is delicious! Although I didn’t do this last week when I took this photo, this oatmeal is great topped with a bit of coconut.


Next up for breakfast is this Bacon, Hash Brown, and Egg Skillet. I made this for brunch Saturday, but I’ve made it a few times before. I use a combination of sweet potatoes and white potatoes for the hash brown portion. Once the hash browns and bacon have cooked on the stovetop I crack some eggs and cheese on top and pop it in the oven for a few minutes to cook the eggs. It’s a bit too involved for a weekday morning breakfast, but great for a weekend, brunch, or breakfast for dinner!


My lunches this past week were all dinner leftovers from the night before. I tend to hate repeats, but eating something is always better than eating nothing.  I always plan to make enough food so that we have leftovers to become lunches!

Onto the dinners!

Tuesday’s dinner was a “mystery sauce” stir fry made by my husband. He used to make these all the time before we got married. It was always some meat and veggies with a 5 ingredient sauce, concocted from random ingredients in the refrigerator. This particular day’s sauce mix was taco-esque. As you can see, we ate it with rice. And if you’re wondering what those weirdly shaped green things are it is broccoli stems – sliced and cooked just like the florets. We’re against food waste here!


By the weekend I was really desiring to do some more involved cooking, so I tried these burgers from Half Baked Harvest. And . . . I totally messed them up. I must have read the directions wrong or something, because the bean burgers were super wet and liquidy before cooking. I could hardly form them into patties! But, these burgers make this post this week because, despite my errors in cooking, they were delicious! I didn’t serve the burgers with buns because of the whole GF things, so we just had everything separately, garbage plate style (people know what that means, right?!). Steve didn’t think the burgers needed the sauce but I thought the Buffalo Cheese sauce was amazing! Don’t skip it!


The last meal on today’s list is Spaghetti Squash with Sausage, Spinach, and Sage. Lot’s of S’s in that title! This dinner really accidentally came together and it was delicious. Don’t you love when that happens?  I made sure to take a few pictures so I can post the recipe on the blog!



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I have always loved to cook, and have been eating and cooking gluten free since 2007. I aim to make delicious, frugal and healthy meals that will be appealing to GF and non-GF eaters alike!

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