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Gluten Free Weekly Meals (What I Ate Last Week) #19

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Welcome to this week’s post of Gluten Free Weekly Meals! Every week, I take photos of the gluten free recipes I make from all over the web and then share my thoughts. Throughout the week you can find pictures of what I’ve been eating on my Instagram (tastefullygf) and Twitter (@tastefullygf). Each Monday I post a list of my favorite gluten free meals from the last week. You’ll see my photos of the food, a link to the recipe, and any modifications I made. To see previous “Gluten Free Weekly Meals” posts, just use the search bar on the right side of the page. You can also find these recipes on my Pinterest boards. I hope these posts provide you with some gluten free cooking inspiration!


I don’t really like carrots (weird, because I have a few carrot-heavy recipes on the blog here and here) but I’ve always enjoyed carrot cake. At least, I did the last time I had it, which was in my pre-gluten free days. I pinned this Carrot Cake Overnight Oatmeal recipe months ago and finally decided to try it. I’ve made a few things from the Nutritionist in the Kitch blog which have been good, and this recipe did not let me down, either! It was easy to throw together the night before. All I did in the morning was microwave it for about a minute. 1 Minute to a hot breakfast?! Yay! That’s almost better than my usual Cookie Baked Oatmeal!


Another great breakfast I had this week was Italian Baked Eggs. I originally had no plans to make these eggs. I’ve actually had very little success with baking eggs and planned to just avoid it. But, it was Saturday morning, I was feeling lazy, and looking for ways to use up the random items in the refrigerator. So, I went on pinterest. Sure enough these baked eggs would use up the tiny bit of tomato sauce I had and some basil that was cut a few days earlier and about to go bad. I even had a half used block of gruyere cheese. Anyway, the baked eggs were delicious! Steve, who looked at them like it was some alien concoction, liked it, too! (Oh, and I added spinach to the recipe!)



I don’t usually post my lunch pics because it is leftovers almost always. Leftover rarely look pretty and would be a repeat of what I already wrote about. Not interesting. For whatever reason, I decided to make boxed mac and cheese for lunch on Sunday. It was the Annie’s brand. I have a pile of these hidden in my pantry for when I just need mac and cheese, I guess. I saw them on clearance at the grocery store, and it seemed silly to not get the cheap GF food. I ate a bit, maybe 1/3 c, and felt sick. I wasn’t gluten-ed people, so don’t even start thinking this is a terrible grocery mix up. Nope. I just felt sick because it’s been so long since I’ve eaten something so processed. It happens to me, and probably almost everybody who tends to eat “real” food for all of their meals. Although I felt sick I felt encouraged, because I knew I would not feel sick if my body was used to processed food. It was a good, but strange symbol that I am on the right track with putting good things into my body!



First up is my worst picture of the week, Rosemary Ranch Kebabs. Although the picture is not so great, the kebabs are that great. I know because I’ve actually had this recipe for a few years. Its so good. I marinate my chicken overnight for maximum flavor. To be honest, I’ve totally forgotten what I served this with!


Next in the line of “bad pictures, good food” is this taco spaghetti squash. This was another creation out of what I had bits and pieces of leftover in the refrigerator. Beans, a green pepper, the only meat in the freezer was ground turkey, I like spaghetti squash . . . you see how this came together. I thought that maybe the sweetness of the spaghetti squash wouldn’t go well with the taco flavorings, but it all was perfect in the end!


I also have to include this second picture of the taco spaghetti squash. The first was my plate and this is Steve’s plate. Take a moment to notice that he made a volcano. The cheese is the lava, and it somehow erupted avocado.


I don’t do a lot of repeats, so you know when I repeat something must be really, really good. That is the case with this Honey Glazed Salmon with Brown Butter Lime Sauce. It’s very good. Fight over the leftovers kind of good. If you read about this in my post two weeks ago, and haven’t tried it yet, you really need to!


Another crazy creation I made this week was Baked Ziti, except with zucchini noodles instead of pasta. I had qualms about making this. Would zucchini noodles hold up to baking? Would it be a pile of mush, not a casserole? Well, I followed my own directions for making perfect zucchini noodles and the worst did not happen. The casserole was good and tasty. It was not a pile of mush. There was some liquid left in the bottom of the casserole dish. So, not perfect perfect, but still a success!


The last dinner on this list is Lemon Chicken and Rice. I stumbled upon this crockpot recipe recently, after things “I really need to utilize my slow cooker more”. So, I made a half batch because I have a small crockpot (3qt, I think) and after everything was in the pot it was too full to stir! Yikes! So, the consistency ended up being a little weird because things cooked unevenly. I’ll probably try this again sometime and make a quarter batch. The flavor was good, and the fresh parsley made the meal!


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I have always loved to cook, and have been eating and cooking gluten free since 2007. I aim to make delicious, frugal and healthy meals that will be appealing to GF and non-GF eaters alike!

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