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The Portionally Gluten Free Cookies eBook is all about Christmas Cookies! The recipes are a combination of naturally gluten free cookies and traditional recipes reworked to make a portion of the batch GF and the rest with wheat flour. Don’t worry, there are also be step by step directions on how to do this safely so anyone on a GF diet can enjoy the cookies without getting sick!

Buy Now – $2.99

This cookbook features:

  • 8 cookie recipes that will make a portion of the batch GF and a portion of the batch with wheat flour.
  • Step by step instructions on how to split each cookie batch safely.
  • 4 size options for what portion of the batch will be made GF.
  • Thorough directions on how to safely prepare GF and gluten containing foods in the same kitchen.
  • 2 naturally GF cookie recipes.

The Portionally Gluten Free Cookies eBook is a great baking tool for both the seasoned GF chef or anyone brand new to GF baking. Anyone in a family with only some family members on a GF diet will appreciate this baking technique. Hosts and hostesses trying to accommodate friends and family on a GF diet will also enjoy having both the recipes and safe preparation techniques at their fingertips for holiday entertaining.

Click here to purchase a copy for yourself, or buy the eBook from the Kindle or iBooks store! Also makes a great gift for a friend on a GF diet! The eBook will download as a PDF file that is viewable on both computers and mobile devices.

This eBook will soon be available on the iBooks Store and the Kindle Store. To receive an e-mail update when the eBook is available at these online stores click here.

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