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Crockpot Buffalo Chicken

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This effortless, two ingredient buffalo chicken is easy to prepare whether you are cooking for 2 or 20!

Buffalo Chicken 5

This buffalo chicken is frequently cooking in my house. I’ve been making it since before I started this blog! Crockpot buffalo chicken recipes are rampant all over Pinterest and the internet in general, so I had no intention of posting my recipe and adding yet another version to the mix. Plus, my version is hardly a recipe. With only two ingredients and no exact measurements it hardly seems worth it’s own post.

Ultimately, I decided to post this for the sake of continuity. I have tons of recipes that I use this chicken in (like these buffalo chicken egg muffins). I honestly figured it would be easier for me as the recipe writer and you, as the readers, to have a buffalo chicken recipe right on this site to refer back if a recipe calls for buffalo chicken.

Although I do use this chicken as an ingredient in many recipes, it also makes excellent sandwiches. Just like any crockpot meal, let it cook all day and you’ll come home to a hot, ready to eat meal – just get out some bread and lettuce). This is also a super easy meal to make for a crowd. Whether you are cooking for 2 or 20 the prep time and cook time are exactly the same. New Years Party food, anyone?!

Buffalo Chicken 6

Speaking of prep and cooking, here’s how I make this amazingly delicious and moist chicken.

Buffalo Chicken 1

First, I trim any fat off the chicken and place in the the crock pot.

Buffalo Chicken 2

Next, pour in the hot sauce. You’ll want to pour it in until the chicken is just about covered.

Buffalo Chicken 3

Put the lid on the crockpot and cook for about 3-4 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low. I’ve found that the cook time varies depending on the thickness of the chicken (i.e. thick chicken breasts take longer to cook than thinner chicken cutlets). If you’re able, stir a few times during the cooking process – if not, no big deal.

When the chicken is done, shred it with a fork. You will know it is done because it will shred effortlessly when you stick a fork into a piece of chicken.

Buffalo Chicken 4

When you’ve shredded the chicken let it cook for about 10 – 15 more minutes until it has absorbed more of the liquid. If it looks a little dry, or you like really spicy food, you can add more hot sauce at this point.

Once the chicken has absorbed more sauce it’s time to eat or use in your recipe!

Buffalo Chicken 7

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken

  • Boneless skinless chicken (breasts or tenderloins)
  •  Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
  • GF & wheat bread for sandwiches (optional)
  1. Trim any excess fat off of the chicken.
  2. Place chicken in the crockpot. Pour hot sauce over the chicken until it is covered (see photo above).
  3. Cook 3-4 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low.
  4. Shred chicken with a fork and then cook for 10-15 more minutes to absorb more liquid.
  5. Serve with bread, lettuce, and condiments for sandwiches or use in a recipe.
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